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ZCoder, OrniSoft’s flagship product is an Application Development Enhancement Utility that generates 80-90% of the total source code required for a Database Application in almost all the current technologies. Quite simply, it is a multiplatform ML (AI) based application that does the majority of the coding work for you in a bug free and swift manner. A realization of a beautiful dream that began 8 years ago, ZCoder stands apart in every way when compared with other code generators that are commonly used around the world today.

ZCoder allows a programmer to generate templates for a web based or mobile based application in the language he/she prefers thereby significantly reducing the time taken to complete a project. It not only makes his/her work easy and fast, but also results in error free coding hence, giving the coder confidence to even take on complicated projects that were otherwise beyond his/her realm of expertise.

Essentially ZCoder works using Ornisoft’s Zero Markup Language (ZML). Considered the heart of ZCoder, ZML is a powerful variation of the common HTML with over a hundred commands. However,it is easy to learn and replicate for someone familiar with HTML. By design, ZCoder is mainly divided into four modules, Definition, Solution, JIT Compiler and Learning Center.

Prominent Features

Your Code. Your Way

One of the most fascinating features of ZCoder is that it helps generate codes based on templates created by the programmers themselves using a text-file based source code of their choice. Be it C#, .Net, Java, PHP, etc. In that way, they can generate templates which they are familiar with, responding to them in the same language they use. In other words, ZCoder is one such unique application, which can be trained by a programmer depending on his/her need and expertise, thereby offering complete control in the process. And so, this feature helps to make the program easy to make changes or to debug in the future.

Multi-User Multi-Project

ZCoder facilitates multiple users to work on a single project or even a single user to work on multiple projects at the same time. It is a feature that is truly the need of the hour, especially for companies that develop multiple projects at the same time. In addition, the backup and restore facility allows the users to take a snapshot of their development which can be later restored if necessary and thereby overwrite undesired modifications to the application. Hence, this method reduces the total time taken for any development by more than 90 percent. Also, a security module is included in order to invoke and provoke user rights. Using this module, the administrator can specify user access.

On the wings of AI

In addition to employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to scan the database, ZCoder also makes use of ML (AI) algorithms to eliminate mistakes in the codes generated and to provide you with swift, error-free results. From on-the-fly bug fixing to implementing the declared interfaces, to importing all the modules, the AI provides the application with a unique edge. Further courtesy the AI, ZCoder is capable of detecting security vulnerabilities that other tools fail to find and thus ensures no security bugs go into production.

Cross-Platform Adaptability

Suppose you need to convert your web application to an android based application. When conventional programming requires a lot of work to achieve that, ZCoder performs the same task with just a single click. Without changing a single line of code, the web application can be generated for a mobile based platform.

Debugging Made Easy

In case an error is found in a code generated by ZCoder, it takes only a few steps to fix it. The corresponding solution where the bug is found is fixed and all the projects that use that template can be regenerated. So, when other code generators focus on a specific part, here, the code of the whole application will be regenerated. And the regenerated source will have the bug fixed. This feature is especially effective for huge projects like ERPs. It cuts down the debugging time significantly thus allowing the programmer to focus on development instead of bug fixing.


In order to use the application, the client must opt for either ZCoder’s Infrastructure licensing or Subscription based licensing. In the former, the application shall be installed on their server after which training shall be given on how to create the solutions and use the schemas. In subscription licensing, on a paid basis, the user can access the application. In this case, the training shall be provided online. In addition, we provide consulting solutions to help the clients get a better understanding of the product and how it can be used.