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VanSales Pro

VanSales Pro is a mobile based solution which can streamline sales and delivery processes in the field. It helps a company to maximize their output from van sales operations and increase the ROI. Various stages of the sale such as planning, stocking, dispatching, tracking and invoicing the van goods are made hassle-free through this solution. It ensures easy inventory management, efficient route optimization, streamlined delivery of goods, and on-the-spot billing. There are two softwares included in this package. One is for the manager and the other is for the drivers/salesman. The manager can keep track of the sales as well as get statistical information about the cash sales, credit sales, fuel charges, maintenance charges, driver salary etc. The unique features of VanSales Pro are as follows.

Stock inventory

The inventory of the stocks is managed effortlessly by keeping real-time tracking of each van and warehouse inventory.

Loading and Unloading

Efficient handling of Loading and Unloading requests, confirmation/approval, creation and management of picklists, inventory transfers etc.

Van Stock management

After each transaction, the inventory stock data is updated automatically. It helps to reduce the chance for mismatched inventories or out of stock goods.

Stock-based delivery

Stock-based deliveries can be facilitated through the application. Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is collected and remote invoicing can be done.

Order management

Hassle-free order management to give better service to the customers.


On-the-spot billing and invoicing is done for each sale directly from the van itself.


Track the live location of the vans using geo-tracking. The drivers can also prioritize the customers based on the customer location data.