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What is LibMan Suite?

Knowing there are so many applications available in the market today for Library Management, LibMan is completely unique in handling the OPAC and other management functionalities as a mobile app.

Probably first of its kind in the world, LibMan started as a solution for basic library operations and developed into a complete suite which can now cater all library operations through mobile in a simple and effective way.

How can the resource of a library be brought to its users more than the way the traditional ILMS do is what Libman pursued from the beginning. In the process it connects not only many users but many libraries also as a one-stop search point. Subscribers can access multiple libraries from a single mobile app which runs on Android phones and iPhones. OPAC lodges a union Catalogue of all libraries one is subscribed to and accordingly the searching for a book brings results from different libraries as if from a single collection. Advanced search options include voice search in around 60 languages including Malayalam. The cloud database removes the need for a local server at the library premises which in turn reduces many hassles and costs of installation and maintenance.

Libman is a free Android app and any one can install and use it once his subscription is authorised by the librarian. Very low cost subscription rates to the cloud server for the library is one of the major attractions of the application in addition to its amazing functionalities. Unlimited users can access and operate it simultaneously from anywhere feeling no anxiety of extra charges or hidden costs.

LibMan Suite comes with three applications:
  • LibMan
  • LibMan-Librarian
  • LibMan-CMS


LibMan is the OPAC and search interface for the subscribers of the library that works on Android and iPhone mobiles. It automatically finds all subscriptions in various libraries of the current user. LibMan comes with advanced search facilities and includes voice search in 60+ languages.

LibMan allows its users to create his/her own virtual library by adding books from different libraries. They can create personal shelves and manage favourite books in the virtual library.

Subscribers of a library can request for a book, request the return, etc. through the LibMan. The subscriber will be notified whenever there is an activity initiated from the LibMan-Librarian App related to the current user.

Some of the functionalities of the LibMan app are:

  • Search and Retrieval (OPAC)
  • Search for a library
  • Memberships
  • Books in Hand
  • Books Requested
  • Requests for Books Return
  • Message Inbox
  • Upcoming Library Events
  • My Virtual Library
  • Highlighted Books
  • History


LM-Librarian is also a mobile app but for librarians to process issues, returns, etc. Its activities include:

  • Admin Maintenance
  • Membership and Subscription Fee
  • Book Requests processing
  • Book Issue and Return processing
  • Overdue Books
  • Mail Templates and Chats
  • Book Maintenance
  • Event Maintenance
  • Generating Reports and Charts

The LM-Librarian comes with push notifications for book requests, book return requests, payments, etc.

Advanced reports and charts are included which can be either viewed or downloaded as PDF documents. Additional features in reporting are added every now and then with requests from librarians.

Ability to use the LM-Librarian by multiple librarians/library staff (authorised by the main librarian) is another major functionality. LM-Librarian uses mobile phone number verification to login to the system.

Features of the LM-Librarian are interconnected with LibMan-CMS, the third module of the App.


LibMan-CMS is a web-based content management system for desktops to build up a library Catalogue and member database. One can either enter data afresh or import from other resources and databases (csv, Excel, KOHA, etc.). It caters to the functionalities found in LM-Librarian, especially Book, Membership and Admin maintenance. The LibMan-CMS is hosted on a cloud platform and the library staff can access it using browsers without the need to install any software application on their PCs or Laptops.

A bibliographic resource of Malayalam books is integrated into the LibMan server that allows librarians to copy data from a union Catalogue instead of typing all the details of a book while making a Catalogue database. Union Catalogue in the server is continuously updated whenever a new title is added in its libraries in the network. Likewise, Metadata of books in English can be imported through free or paid gateways like OCLC and ISBNdb.

All the book , member and transaction data are open with LibMan-CMS. Authorised personnel in the library are allowed free downloading of that data at any time to keep it as a backup or to migrate to other ILMS.

Give it a try!

LibMan Suite comes with a lot more features. Some are being added and some are in place like My Personal Library.

We invite librarians to try LibMan Suite subscribing to one of our libraries. We offer libraries a free trial of LibMan Suite for a whole month. Please contact us.

Send us a message on WhatsApp to +91-73566-25110 with the following details.
  • Library Name
  • Library Location (Country, State/Region, District/City)
  • GPS Location (Optional)
  • Library Phone #
  • Library Email Address
  • Librarian Name
  • Email address of the Librarian
  • Mobile # of the Librarian

We will send you a mail on how to get started, along with the required credentials to try LibMan Suite.