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iSales is an application for sales and delivery of goods via an online store. The store can display images and pricing of the various goods. Customizable banners are used in the app to display offers, information about highlighted products etc. There is also a CMS app for the store owner with which he can add products, change images, edit pricing, availability, create discount notifications/banners etc. The features of the iSales app are as below.

Digital menu system

A digital menu with customizable images, price, quantity etc.

Cart feature

The users can add items in the menu to the cart before making a final purchase.

Custom banners

The user can see tailor-made banners to display offers, information about special products etc.

Discount management

The option to calculate and apply discounts before the final bill is available in the app.


Integrated payment gateway helps the user to pay using e-payment methods which makes the payment process hassle-free.