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With eight years of research, OrniSoft has come up with an un-parelled software called ZCoder. ZCoder is a Application Development Enhancement Utility that can generate upto 90-95% of the total source code required by a database-based application. ZCoder can generate source code in almost all modern computer languages including C#, Java, PHP, Python, HTML, JavaScript etc. ZCoder can also use common libraries like AngularJS, BootStrap, JQuery, ReactJS, etc.
OrniSoft is the house of ZCoder and ZERP. We also develop custom-tailored applications.


Orniosoft provides a whole spectrum of solutions to aid your business and improve its productivity significantly. Being experts in Data Analytics, AI based innovations, we delve deeper than anyone else to make sure what you get from is unparalleled excellence in whatever solutions offer. Our existing solutions include Forecasting, Data Mining, and Software Consultancy, to name a few.


User can be working on multiple projects at the same time and multiple users can be working on a single project. The backup and restore facility allows the users to take a snapshot of their development and it can be restored if necessary to overwrite undesired modifications to the application. The backup and restore facility allows the users to take a snapshot of their development and it can...


ZCoder allows a programmer to generate templates for a web based or mobile based application in the language he/she prefer thereby significantly reducng the time taken to complete a project. It not only makes his/her work easy and fast, but also results in error free coding hence, giving the coder confidence to even take on complicated projects that were otherwise beyond his/her realm of expertise.


Forecasting takes up an indispensable role in data analytics these days as it is an important aid to effective and efficient planning. Ornisoft offers a variety of forecasting models for our clients on the basis of their businesses’ past trends and existing conditions and parameters. Whether the forecasts are required several years in advance or a few minutes beforehand and whatever be the circumstance or time constraints, we have got it all covered.


In every second, your business generates large quantities of data that can influence and optimise decision making. Our Data Mining software will look for patterns in large batches of data, and help businesses learn more about their customers so that they can develop more effective marketing strategies, increase sales and decrease costs.


At Ornisoft, we promise you end-to-end software consulting and training solutions. Right from the conception of the software, to planning, to implementing, we take care of everything. Taking into consideration the specifics of your company, we offer individualised solutions that meet your requirements the most.

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