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Games Village Pro Suite

GamesVillage Pro Suite is a complete tournament management software which is available on both Android and IOS platforms. The GamesVillage Pro Suite comes with six applications.

GamesVillage Pro

GamesVillage Pro is an android/IOS based app which can power up smartphones to achieve quick insights into games, accommodation, transportation, food details etc. There are seven user groups who can use the application- Tournament organizers, Technical officials, Team officials, Players, IT, Media and General users. The content presentation of the app is varied dynamically based on the user group type. The users of the app have chat and mail facilities as well. The organizers can upload media to gallery albums with the help of GamesVillage CMS. They can also display advertisements, run polls, upload sponsor details/banners or create posts etc.

The Homepage of the app is a powerful social media platform where the user can like and share photos/videos. The admins can prioritize and pin details/live video of highlighted/important matches in the page. To prevent spamming, general users are not allowed to create posts. However, they can view, like or share the posts available in the timeline.

MatchController Pro

MatchController Pro is a points entry and management app primarily aimed for tournament game officials including match referees. The umpires can use the app which is available in a tab (android platform) to control game points. There will be options to.

GamesVillage CMS

This is a web-based content management system to manage things like referee prerequisites, gallery management, ads management, sponsorship management, broadcast notifications etc.

MealsManager Pro

MealsManager Pro is a utility app for hotels/food management teams to manage the food distribution to the participants of the tournament and the delegates. A QR code scanner to scan and verify ID cards is the main feature of the app. There will also be an option to allocate and issue meal coupons to unexpected guests. Statistical views are also displayed in the dashboard for quick reference.

AccoManager Pro

AccoManager Pro is the app for management of accommodation of the participants of the tournament. The hotels can make use of the app to allocate rooms, set check-in/check-out times etc.

DTransportation Pro

Transportation Pro is the app which is used to manage the transportation facilities at the venue of the tournament. Pickup, drop of participants/guests from hotels, tournament venues etc. can be arranged via the app. Driver management is another feature of the app.